"Philosophy and Music between two Worlds" is a conference inscribed in the Douro Vintage Forum, and to which is associated the schedule of Conversations and Meetings CCACC.

The session was Saturday, 19th of November 2016, 15:00, at the Casa de Mateus

In this session, a philosopher, Lúcio Marques, and a musicologist, Ricardo Bernardes, will present their work in this fields, the first more focused on the period between the XVII and XVIII century, and the second on the XVIII e XIX centuries, with the moderation of Pedro Braga Falcão, musician and lecturer of History of Religions at Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Lúcio Álvaro Marques

Keynote speech's title: MANUSCRIPTUS COLONIALIS - Manuscripts and unpublished printed material from the colleges of Évora and Maranhão (XVII-XVIII centuries)

Abstract: To present the manuscripts and unpublished printed material produced at Colleges of Évora, Coimbra and Maranhão (Brazil) in the XVII-XVIII centuries by the philosophy an theology professors from the Universities of Coimbra, Évora and Brazil. To demonstrate how Portugal encouraged the formation of Maximum College of Maranhão by granting titles to brazilian students in the centuries mentioned. All the manuscripts and printed material from those Colleges remained unpublished to the present and are now in process of editing and publishing, therefore it is possible to understand the contents of the philosophy taught in Portugal and Brazil in that period.

Ricardo Bernardes

Keynote speech's title: Musical Production in Patriarcal de Lisboa and Real Capela do Rio de Janeiro by the end of the Old Regime

This conference will present relevant aspects of the musical production and activities in Patriarcal de Lisboa and Real Capela do Rio de Janeiro between the years of 1760 and 1820. By analyzing the post-earthquake period, the trip of the Royal Family to Brazil in 1807 and later return to Portugal in 1821, will be adressed the characteristics of the repertoire, main composers active in the two institutions, along with the diffusion of multiple works, musical styles, composing processes and teach methods.