Conversation Cycle on Art Science and Culture, 22nd October 2016, 15h.

The subject matter of this session was Moral Particularism and Group Agency. The guest speaker was Alan Thomas (York), Director and Professor of philosophy at the University of York.

The session will be moderated by Professor Roberto Merrill (Universidade do Minho).

Susana Cadilha, was the guest invited to answer Professor Alan Thomas presentation.

During this session a Port wine tasting will be offered.

Entrance is free, however, as the number of seats is limited, previous subscription by email: is advised.


“Philosophers who think about moral judgement are divided over whether it is the application of general principles to particular cases or a particular mode of judgement that need not be guided by principles at all. Philosophers who think about the social nature of judgement are concerned with how we build 'smart groups’ whether in designing parliaments, scientific research teams or other groups of problem solvers. This paper brings these hitherto isolated discussions together. It is argued that so called ‘particularists’ who take moral judgement to be primarily sensitive to the particular case and not to general principles, have a better account of collective group judgement than their opponents.”

+ info.: Moral particularism

The Conversation Cycle on Art Science and Culture is an initiative of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, organized in cooperation with the Casa de Mateus Foundation, Institute of Arts and Human Sciences of the University of Minho and the Casa de Mateus International Institute.