The Casa de Mateus International Institute (IICM) is an association that brings together, mainly, Portuguese public universities and the Foundation of Casa de Mateus (FCM).

The IICM is a meeting platform between Universities and the civil society.

The IICM is based in the Casa de Mateus and is in solidarity with FCM's statutory objectives of cultural promotion and preservation and dissemination of the tangible and intangible heritage associated with The Casa de Mateus.

In this year of the IICM's thirtieth anniversary, its agenda seeks to reflect its institutional identity and the interaction with FCM through joint programs and the exploitation of synergies between the two entities and their partners.

It is highlighted in the agenda:

- the "Conversation Cycle on Art, Science and Culture", an initiative of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto-Douro (UTAD) to which the IICM joined in 2015.

- the program "Memórias e Caminhos de Mateus", developed this year by FCM and which has a partnership of the Douro Generation Association.

- The seminar "Globalization and Gastronomy", which is part of a reflection on the theme of "Globalization", which began with the edition of the Mateus DOC program dedicated to this theme, launched in 2015, and which was also the subject of a conference organized by IICM at UTAD "Globalization and Universities" in March 2016.