Mateus DOC is a program aimed at researchers from all scientific fields.

The main purpose of the program is to stimulate the interdisciplinary dialogue between young researchers from different areas, confronting them with topics of topical and general interest. In this way, the aim is to get participants to face their themes of reflection and research in a broad perspective that systematically includes points of view outside the respective scientific area. This approach not only enriches scientific work through the establishment of new method or content associations, but also opens up new cultural horizons, helping to better position, both culturally and socially, the personal journey of each one.

The MATEUS DOC program begins with a call for proposals. Candidates submit to IICM their proposal for interpretation and approaches to a theme chosen annually by the IICM Steering Committee. The proposals are intended to be discussed in the context of a seminar to be held at Casa de Mateus.

A Selection Committee will structure the seminar on the basis of contributions received. The selected proposals will be redistributed by all participants who undertake to develop the theme according to their proposal, taking into account the contributions of the remaining participants, in the form of a short preliminary article of 5 pages to be submitted through the IICM website. The articles will be redistributed to everyone before the seminar.

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