The Academy for Creativity and Entrepreneurship (A4CE) is a joint project of the Casa de Mateus Foundation and the Régia Douro Technology Park. It is specially focused on the specifities of low density regions.

It's objective is is to contribute to Northern Portugal SMEs capacity building, as well as to strengthen bonds between companies, knowledge and research centers, technology parks and creative hubs.

Through a series of workshops programmed to take place in 2017, the set of actions it proposes aims at identifying and raising awareness of the critical factors of competitiveness, proposing complementary approaches that are based on a triple pillar: the in-depth knowledge of the potential of the Region, particularly in the fields of viticulture and gastronomy; the dissemination and development of innovative methodologies of strategic management through design thinking tools; finally, the production and development of crossovers between artistic, scientific, creative and entrepreneurial approaches, seeking to foster innovation paths, network effects and cooperation practices that lead to the development of new ideas, new forms of management and strategic planning, and, eventually, new products and services.


A4CE is a joint project of the Fundação da Casa de Mateus and the Régia Douro Park, with the collaboration of  Creativity Lab (Tallinn, Estónia). Associated partners to this initiative are also the University of Tràs-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Creative Business Cup (Roskilde, Dinamarca) and the Information Management School, of Nova Business School, Lisbon.  The programme combines the assessment of the specifities and needs of low density regions and a pratical approach of the management procedures and strategic planning with the help of design thinking tools in order to improve innovation and enterpreneurial skills of the people and of the companies that operate in the Region.