The Celsius seminar took place from the 24th to the 26th of September 2010 in Vila Real (Portugal) and was dedicated to music. Thanks to the help of our Portuguese members, the meeting was organised in partnership with the Casa de Mateus Foundation, and took place in a prestigious and beautiful location, where many important European cultural events take place. The Casa de Mateus Foundation is set in an 18th century mansion, now turned into a museum.

Under the title “Europa in Opera – Musical composition of an identity” we have explored topics related to the role and status of music in a European identity or common culture, the potential contribution of art to an in-depth European integration, and related cultural policy issues, miles away from the dull image Europe sometimes carries.

The programme featured, in addition to discussions, a rare movie, a virtual chamber opera, and music performed by some of our musician friends:

24.9.15:00-15:30Introduction and welcome addressCyril Roger-Lacan


President of Celsius




L’Europa riconosciuta


The role of lyrical opera as koiné Aesthetics of the European public space over the last three centuries and current challenges – dawn or new perspectives?


Bach, from Baroque to Enlightenment, an european vision of the artistic field.


European opera and South East Asian dance drama: sister art forms, different fates

Paolo Pinamonti


Jean-Paul Combet

Tom Potocki

25.9.09:30-11:30Cultural PoliciesChristian Schirm


Jean-François Chougnet




Music, Media, University


Changing transnational circuits of production, transmission and reception of “erudite” music – artists, public, users and participants

Juan Angel Vela Del Campo


António Feijó




Conference in Vila Real


Musical notation and European musical identity

Jean-Luc Tamby


Thierry Pécou




Non Visual Opera :


“Pièce à Conviction”

Alvaro García de Zúñiga
22:00Film in the “Lagar”


Hitler’s Hit Parade

directed by Oliver Axer and Susanne Benze, 2003

Paolo Pinamonti
26.9.09:00-11:00The dynamic process of artistic creation between national identity and multicultural universalism as a driver of European construction



European musical identity in a globalized world

Rui Vieira Nery


Jean-Luc Tamby

Thierry Pécou

Here you can find the full presentation and programme.

The presentations of the following speakers are accessible in written form:

We also gratefully acknowledge the contribution received from Stefan Pohlit, a PhD student in music at the Turkish-American research center MİAM of the İstanbul Technical University:

Musical Life and Westernization in the Republic of Turkey