Mateus DOC II

The second theme discussed under the "Mateus DOC" program was the concept of "Risk".

The aim of this program is to bring together a small group of 10 to 12 researchers, who are willing to discuss common themes during a weekend at Casa de Mateus, converging perspectives and points of view from different areas.

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Mateus DOC II

The seminar for the second edition of the Mateus DOC program took place between the 13th and 15th of October at Casa de Mateus. After a two-step selection process that began with a call for submissions of articles, Mateus DOC met in Mateus a group of researchers, doctoral candidates and postdocs from various disciplines and areas of knowledge.

This group participated in the debates around the theme "Risk", discussing together and with other special guests several dimensions of the concept. During the three days of the event, discussions took place in an informal atmosphere allowing researchers to re-equate and / or defend their proposals as a way of preparing for the final article.

The debates and presentations were organized around 5 different approaches to the theme. You will find the program and the articles resulting from the presentations of the participants.


Opening session-  “La Sociedad del Conocimiento y la Ignorancia”,  by Daniel Innerarity, Universidad de Zaragoza

Preface – “Risco em adaptação: da percepção do Risco à sua quantificação e controlo”,  by Pedro Lind


Session nº1 –  From classical determinism to statistical physics: does scientific knowledge increase the feeling of risk?

by Pedro Lind and Filipa Amorim

Sessão nº2 – From transcendent fatalism to catastrophy foretold: is mankind at the center of world transformation?

bJoão Claro and Isabel Fonseca

Session nº3 -  Individual and collective risks: how to avoid jeopardizing future generations: Risk Opportunities and Threats.

bValerio Nitrato Izzo and Mónica Carvalho

Session nº4 –  Risk: motor or barrier, reason or passion, cause or consequence: what do we mean by risk?

bMarina Rocha and Pedro Costa

Session nº5 –  Living together in an uncertain world.

bDaniel Lanero and Mathieu Richard


This edition of the Mateus DOC program was concluded with the launching of the second edition of the Mateus DOC books on 19 May 2011 at 12:30 pm at Casa de Mateus.

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