Mateus DOC V

The fifth edition of the "Mateus DOC" program, the IICM proposed for reflection the concept of "Frontier".

The aim is to bring together a small group of 10 to 12 researchers, who are willing to discuss together during a weekend at Casa de Mateus, topics common to this topic, converging perspectives and points of view of diverse areas.

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The seminar for the fifth edition of the Mateus DOC program took place between 18 and 20 October 2013 in Matthew. After a two-step selection process that began with a call for submissions of articles to be presented, Mateus DOC met in Mateus a group of researchers, doctoral candidates and post-docs from various disciplines and areas of knowledge:

Bruno Pinto (Biology), David Marçal (Biochemistry), Diana Miranda (Sociology), Hugo Oliveira (Chemistry), Maria João Guia (Law), Nuno Grancho (Architecture), Rosario Mascato (Literature), Rubén Castro (History), Sérgio Ferreira (Sociology), Xerardo Pereiro (Anthropology).

This group participated in all the debates around the theme "Fronteira", discussing together and with other special guests several dimensions and approaches of the concept. Participated in this seminar:

José Alberto Loureiro dos Santos, João de Deus Ramos, António Fontaínhas Fernandes, Helena Sousa and Gonçalo Almeida Ribeiro, besides the members of the IICM, António Cunha, Jorge Vasconcelos and Teresa Albuquerque.

The discussions were structured around the following topics elaborated from the selected proposals:

› Frontier and Security

"As fronteiras da imigração, crime e “crimigração” by  Maria João Guia

"Fronteiras de desigualdade e o controlo sem fronteiras" by Diana Miranda

› Frontier Economy

"Fronteira, língua e cultura — para uma economia das trocas fronteiriças" by Sérgio Ferreira

"As Fronteiras e o Turismo" by Xerardo Pereiro

› Frontier and Alternity

"Tornando-se fronteira, análise de políticas de identidade e espaciais em Diu" by Nuno Grancho

"A (de)composição analítica das fronteiras" by Hugo M. Oliveira

› Cross border knowledge

"Una reflexión sobre a fronteira da Galicia moderna" by Rubén Castro Redondo

"Culture Research – Digital Humanities: (de)construindo as fronteiras da produção/difusão do conhecimento" by Rosario Mascato

› Science and Frontier

"Comunicação de Ciência — uma área de Fronteira" by Bruno Pinto

"A Fronteira entre a Ciência e a falsa Ciência é clara" by David Marçal


During the three days of the event, the discussions took place in an informal atmosphere, allowing the researchers present to re-equate and / or defend their proposals as a way of preparation for the writing of the final article.

To view the video of the session, click the following link: Video of the session

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