Mateus DOC VI

In the sixth edition of the "Mateus DOC" program, the IICM proposed the concept of "Code" for reflection.

The "Mateus DOC" program aims to bring together a small group of 10 to 12 researchers, who are willing to discuss topics common to this topic together during a weekend at the Casa de Mateus, converging perspectives and points of view from different areas.

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The sixth edition of the Mateus DOC Program on the theme Code began with a call for proposals in June 2013, which led to the selection of ten researchers to participate in the seminar at Casa de Mateus between 24 and 26 January 2014. The selection, chaired by Professor Pier Luigi Sacco resulted in the selection of 10 researchers:

Antoni Aguiló (Philosophy), Andreia Cardoso (Landscape Architect), Cátia Costa (International Relationships), Flávio D´Abramo (Philosophy), Joana Lobo Antunes (Pharmacy), Michele Loi (Philosophy), Nuno Franco (Biology), Roberto Merrill (Philosophy), Rolf Kemmler (Philology) e Tito Rendas (Law).

This group participated in the debates around the theme, discussing together with other special guests several dimensions and approaches of the concept. In addition to the selected researchers, they also participated:

Paulo Costa, Sérgio Figueiredo, Jorge Gonçalves, Mathieu Richard, Bruno Pinto, Ragnar SiilJosé Tavares, Ramón Villares e Gonçalo de Almeida Ribeiroas well as members of the Institute.

The discussions were structured around the following themes elaborated from the selected proposals:

› Signs and Landscapes

"Entre Códigos" by Cátia Miriam Costa

"Códigos legais, cidadania e participação pública: A implementação da convenção europeia da paisagem e o direito à paisagem" by Andreia Saavedra Cardoso

› Genes and Justice

"Epigenetics and justice" by Michele Loi

"Some historical and epistemological remarks on genetics and epigenetics" by Flavio D’Abramo

"Quatro teorias da justiça aplicadas à saúde" by Roberto Merrill

› Democracies and Properties

"The online copyright infringement Speech Code” by Tito Rendas

"Nuevas democracias, nuevos códigos políticos en estos tiempos de indignaciones" by Antoni Jesús Aguiló Bonet

› Sciencies and Comunication

"Lost in translation: Precisamos descodificar o “código científico” ao público?"  by Nuno Henrique Franco

"Descodificando a ciência – promovendo um caminho contra a iliteracia comunicacional" by Joana Lobo Antunes

› Writing e (dis) agreements

"Código da escrita: o Acordo Ortográfico da Língua Portuguesa (1990) na sociedade portuguesa atual" by Rolf Kemmler


During the three days of the event, discussions took place in an informal atmosphere, allowing researchers to re-equate and / or defend their proposals as a way of preparing for the final article.

The final articles were published in the sixth edition of the Mateus DOC books, reflecting the diversity of views and approaches that underlay the very rich debate in Mateus.

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