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- Globalization and Gastronomy

Globalization and Gastronomy:

A Case Study on Economic Added Value of Territorial Identity

The project aims at analyzing the relationship between globalization and gastronomy in the framework of regional development, identifying challenges and key success factors. First, the field of gastronomy will be examined as a case study to understand the way regional identity can be a powerful and competitive tool to succeed in the global arena. Secondly, we will turn to the role that university and the scientific community can play in bringing added value to regional identity and regional resources. Thirdly the seminar will seek to establish a platform to contribute to the networking of relevant stake holders and to a better understanding of gastronomy and territorial identity as an economic added value in a global context.

- Globalization and Gastronomy

The seminar will be organized with three different types of sessions and debates. On the one hand, scholars and policy makers will present ideas and concepts that are fundamental to understand what is at stake in globalization and regional development in the field of gastronomy. On the other hand, relevant actors and stakeholders in the food sector will present case studies focused on the conditions for success in the globalization of local identities (such as the internationalization of products from the territory) or on-site use of global resources (such as knowledge). In parallel, we will develop a first analysis of what could be a set of output and outcome indicators applicable to a regional development policy in this field.

The seminar starts on Friday afternoon, and closes on Sunday after lunch.


Friday 25th November

During the afternoon, guest reception

19:00 – Wine tasting in the Cellar

20:00. – Diner and introduction to the seminar:

Welcome address: Eduardo Marçal Grilo, president of the IICM, and Fernando Albuquerque, Director of the Casa de Mateus Foundation.

Introduction to the Seminar and to the Keynote Speaker: Miguel Poiares Maduro

Keynote speech: Daniel Innerarity “Eating in the Risk Society”


Saturday 26th November

Session 1 – 9:00 – 11:00.

From local production to global market: challenges of knowledge, brand and distribution and other variables relevant to the overall success of the local gastronomy

Introduction to the panel: Miguel Poiares Maduro

Guido Caldarelli, (IMT Lucca, leading expert in complex systems and networks) Food and Complex Systems - presentation

Pere Castells, Science and Gastronomy - from discovery to loss of identity, - presentation

Carlos Coelho, branding 

discussion and coffee break


Session 2 – 11:30 – 12:30

The impact of globalization on the Douro Region

Introduction to the panel: Nuno Magalhães

Jorge Dias

Tim Hogg


13:00 – 14:30

Lunch debate with chef João Magalhães RodriguesDuarte Calvão (organizer of gastronomic events).


Session 3 – 15:00 – 18:00

Culture, Gastronomy and Regional Development:

Introduction to the panel: Jorge Portugal 

Creative solutions for attractive and competitive region, RagnarSiil, presentation 

Gastronomy, a cultural and creative resource for Regional Development, Jannie Versteergard, presentation

Stimulating growth in low density areasJoaquim Oliveira Martins, OECD, presentation

Tea-break - Ervas Finas

Ragnar Siil,Guilherme VitorinoNuno MagalhãesDuarte CalvãoNuno Augusto e Teresa Albuquerque


Sunday 27th November

Session 4 – 10:00 – 12:00

Internationalization of agrifood: brand, products and territory

Introduction to the panel: Carlos Coelho


Lunch and final session

Also participating:   António Belém LimaAntónio Fontaínhas FernandesAntónio M. CunhaArtur Cristóvão, Emídio Gomes, Joaquim Moreno, Jorge PortugalLuís Ramos, and the session reporter Xerardo Pereiro.


This seminar is coordinated by Miguel Poiares Maduro andTeresa Albuquerque. It is an initiative of the Casa de Mateus International Institute with the support of the Douro Generation Association.

It will take place in the Casa de Mateus Foundation (www.casademateus.com).

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