The Institute works with other organizations promoting and hosting seminars and conferences.

International Seminars

Each year the Institute organizes international seminars

The Mateus Doc program

Since 2010, the Institute organizes the Mateus DOC program. Aimed at researchers from different scientific areas the program's objective is to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue.


3M+1 History of Mathematics, Music and Military Sciences

We are pleased to invite you to participate in an International Scientific Meeting 3M+1: History of Mathematics, Music and Military Sciences to be held at the University of Minho, BragaPortugal, from 12th to 14th of October, 2017.

Participants are invited to submit Abstracts of their communications before June 30th 2017.

The issues under discussion will focus on the History of Mathematics and Music and Military Sciences, particularly related to the eighteenth century but we are looking forward to bring together experts from a multitude of other scientific areas, sharing their knowledge on the state of the art.

Douro et Orbi

Douro et Orbi Globalization and Gastronomy

A Case Study on Economic Added Value of Territorial Identity

The project aims at analyzing the relationship between globalization and gastronomy in the framework of regional development, identifying challenges and key success factors. First, the field of gastronomy will be examined as a case study to understand the way regional identity can be a powerful and competitive tool to succeed in the global arena. Secondly, we will turn to the role that university and the scientific community can play in bringing added value to regional identity and regional resources. Thirdly the seminar will seek to establish a platform to contribute to the networking of relevant stake holders and to a better understanding of gastronomy and territorial identity as an economic added value in a global context.

To access the summary of the seminar, clik the following link:

Globalization and Gastronomy


A4CE  Fundação da Casa de Mateus - Régia Douro Park

The Academy for Creativity and Entrepreneurship (A4CE) is especially designed for low density regions. It's objective is to contribute to Northern Portugal SMEs capacity building, as well as to strengthen bonds between companies, knowledge and research centers, technology parks and creative hubs. 

Caminhos de Mateus 2017

Caminhos de Mateus 2017Aldeias com Vida 2017

Soon we will announce the programming of Caminhos de Mateus 2017

The "Caminhos de Mateus" festival will trace new paths by looking for associations that will allow to extend the musical network of the Casa de Mateus, inviting new interpreters and bringing original programs to complement harmoniously the patrimony constituted and projecting it in the future as a living and organic thing capable of reinventing without neglecting the past.