Jorge Serôdio Borges

It was no surprise that Jorge Serôdio, a man born in Douro with several generations of his family linked to the wine industry, decided to become a winemaker.  While studying at University, he collaborated in making wines for the family-owned Quinta do Fojo and Quinta da Manuela until 1999.

He then began working with Dirk Niepoortand together they formed one of the most creative, revolutionary and refreshing teams that the Douro has ever seen.It was Jorge’s personal projects that gave him instantaneous national and international recognition.  He added an impressive new dimension by bringing the popular Pintas wines into the limelight.

Recently he inherited the beautiful Quinta da Manoella where he produced Douro’s iconic Quinta da Manoella Old Vines.  He has also used his impressive renovation skills to produce Quinta do Passadouro, Maritávora and Companhia das Quintas.