Rolf Kemmler

Born in Reutlingen (Germany), in 1967, Rolf Kemmler is an assistant researcher in the area of Portuguese linguistic historiography, currently employed by the Centro de Estudos em Letras (CEL), University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal). He received his doctorate in Romance Philology from the Bremen University (Germany) in 2005, his Ph.D. thesis “A Academia Orthográfica Portugueza na Lisboa do Século das Luzes: Vida, obras e atividades de João Pinheiro Freire da Cunha (1738-1811)”, being published in 2007. With a considerable number of publications dedicated to his area since 1996, he is a specialist in the fields of history of the Portuguese language writing systems since the 16th century and history of the Portuguese as well as Latin-Portuguese grammaticography since the 16th century.