Maria Rita Furtado

Maria Rita Furtado – Graduated in Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Portuguese and Romance Studies, at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, in 2008. In 2011, at the same faculty, she finished her Masters degree in Literary Theory, with a thesis on the concept of belief. She is taking her Ph.D. at the Program in Literary Theory, where she is beginning to write a thesis on the relation between Mysticism, Literature and Philosophy. She is a member of the Institute for Philosophy of Language (Literature and Philosophy Network), New University of Lisbon, and of two groups at the Research Centre for Communication and Culture (Catholic University of Portugal): Reading Shakespeare and Working Progress. Simultaneously, she has been working as a tutor for languages, and as an English and French translator. Even though she has focused on topics related with religion (mainly on the work of Saint John of the Cross and Simone Weil), her interests are wide and include authors like Proust, Joyce, Hardy, Shakespeare and Guimarães Rosa.