João Cabeleira

Architect and lecturer at the school of Architecture of the University of Minho (EAUM). He holds a degree in Architecture from FAUP (2002), having completed a Master degree at FAUP (2006) and his PhD on architectural culture at EAUM (2015). From 2001/09 worked in António Madureira architectural studio, participating in projects developed in partner- ship between architects Madureira and Álvaro Siza. At the same time developed architectural projects, collaborated with DAFNE publishing house (2005) and worked as Monitor at FAUP (2002). He incorporated the organizing committee of the events: “Architecture in Common Places” (2008) and “1st International Meeting EAHN” (2010). Related with is pedagogical activity and investigation presented and published papers in several events (Investigar em Desenho 2009; NEXUS 2010; The Image, International conference 2010; Encontro internacional Educação artística 2010; Segundas jornadas sobre ciência na “Aula da Esfera” 2011; Comemorações dos 300 anos da edificação de Sé de Santarém 2011; Encontro internacional Educação artística 2012; NEXUS 2012; Mateus DOC IV).