Álvaro Balsas, S. J.

He holds a PhD in philosophy of science from the Faculty of Philosophy of Braga of the Portuguese Catholic University, where he is currently researcher at the CEFH and Assistant Professor of Logic, Statistics and Probabilities, Philosophy of Nature, Origins of the Cosmos and of Human Being, Contemporary (Des)Encounters between Science and Religion, Medieval Philosophy, and Christianity and Culture.

He has published articles in journals in the areas of Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Condensed Matter Physics, Philosophy of Science, and Science and Religion, being also Adjunct Editor of the Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia (RPF).

He is a member of the Jury of the Philosophical Essay Prize SPF (Portuguese Society of Philosophy) since 2011. He is author of Realismo e Localidade em Mecânica Quântica (2014), editor of O Avanço da Ciência e o Recuo de Deus: Fronteiras do Conhecimento (2013) and of various issues of the RPF journal: Science and Philosophy, Encounters (2012), Religion and Interculturality (2011), Law and Philosophy: Foundations and Hermeneutics (2014), Law and Philosophy: Intersections (2014), and Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy (2015).

He graduated in Physics from the University of Coimbra and taught at the Departments of Physics from the Universities of Coimbra and Aveiro. It holds degrees in Philosophy (Braga) and in Theology (Madrid), a Master’s degree in Physics (Aveiro) and a S.T.L. in Systematic Theology (Berkeley, USA). He is a catholic priest and member of the Society of Jesus.