Ana Teresa Tavares-Lehmann

Ana Teresa T. Lehmann is Associate Professor of Economics at the School of Economics, University of Porto, researcher at CEF.UP, University of Porto, and Head of International Business at EGP-U.Porto Business School. She has M.Sc., PhD (both from the University of Reading, UK) and postdoctoral studies (U. Strathclyde) focusing on Internationalization/Foreign Direct Investment. She has also been a Visiting Professor and Visiting Research Fellow at several European and American Universities.

Ana Teresa T. Lehmann has served in several executive and policy-making roles, having been recently (2008-2012) Vice-President of Portugal’s North Regional Development Authority, in charge of strategies to promote internationalization, innovation, cluster policy and international cooperation. She is a former Pro-Vice Chancellor (for Strategic Planning and Enterprise Relations) of the University of Porto. She has served on the boards of various companies and foundations, and has been also an entrepreneur/owner of a consulting firm.

In the last 18 years, she has been a consultant to several institutions in Europe, Africa and the Americas such as the OECD, UNCTAD, European Commission, national and regional governments, the Portuguese Investment Agency, among others, in the fields of foreign direct investment, multinational enterprises, competitiveness, public policies, and regional development. She is the past President of the European International Business Academy (2009-2010), and currently a member of its Board and Executive Committee.

She has published widely, mainly on the themes of multinational subsidiary strategies and evolution, public policies related to FDI attraction and impact of multinational enterprise activities, either in books – for instance, Multinationals, Clusters and Innovation: Does Public Policy Matter? (Palgrave, 2006), Entrepreneurship in the Global Firm (Emerald, 2012) and in scientific journals such as International Business Review, Regional Studies, Transnational Corporations, International Journal of the Economics of Business, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Economía Industrial, Managerial Finance, and Journal of Global Business. She is also a regular speaker at top-level conferences and expert meetings in Internationalization and Foreign Direct investment Strategies and Policy, and on Competitiveness, Clusters and Innovation, and serves as editor for international journals on strategy and international business.

She has received several awards for scientific merit and for executive career recognition.